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At last – I found the best gay tube site for male action

There’s a lot to be said about Gay Male Tubes. First of all, they are free, and who doesn’t like to look at free gay porn? As long as it is men making love to men, I am more than happy to get anything for free these days. Sometimes though, it is hard to get the right site that will suit you. Sometimes, it can take ages to find what you like, but other times, you will go to a site straight away, and find out it is everything you would want, plus much more.

I came across a site called ‘Only Male Gay’ and decided to try it out. There are hundreds and hundreds of gay porn vids on this tube, and they can range from a five-minute clip to a full-on gay porno film. I clicked on one scene that looked like fun, and it only ran for five minutes.

Straight away, some sweet looking twink was cumming into his boyfriend’s fucked hole with his huge fat pole, and then he shoved it back in again. Well, it wasn’t the most exciting clip I had seen, but it had whet my whistle, and it left me wanting more, so I carried onto another movie.

But first, I went to the category link as I didn’t want to look down a page for ages just trying to find out what I wanted. I knew what I wanted, so I went directly to the homemade movies.

I don’t know about you, but I just love a real-life couple, or more, filming themselves having sex, and it’s so easy to do these days, why not give it a go? Also, there are all kinds of gay guys who like to film themselves, from twinks, bears, old and young, college dudes, and even leather lovers who love it a bit on the rough side.

Now, I don’t advocate barebacking as a rule, but the films are such a turn on. I watched one guy, who worked his cock into a tight asshole, slipped it out a few times, then he fucks his guy over and over again, and actually cums inside him three times, just in one tube episode. I must admit, I will be dreaming about this for a long time to cum, but I would never have bareback sex myself. Keep it as a fantasy, not a reality, life is too short.

After that, I watched something I had never tried before. I watched a solo of a twink playing with himself. I don’t usually watch solos, but this twink was sucking on his own cock. I couldn’t wait. I watched him as he laid down, he played with his asshole by shoving his fingers in deep. Then he sat up in bed, and bending over, he sucked himself off until his mouth was full of his own cum.

That just about finished me off, this had been an afternoon full of beautiful young twinks, doing what cums naturally to them. This Gay Male Tube site is excellent, and seems to have something for everyone, and once again, it is free.…